Opinion polls on the Internet: advantages and disadvantages

Online research has many advantages. First of all, it is worth noting their attractiveness for psychology, sociology, economics, political science and other areas. This primarily refers to their advantages relative to other types of research. Among the main advantages of socio-demographic surveys on the network:

  1. The ability to save resources. When compared with other types of surveys of citizens, there is a unique opportunity to save time and get the desired result. Also in this case, you can still save money and human resources. In addition, by conducting surveys online, you can interview a lot more respondents. And at the same time many times less resources are spent.
  2. Significant sample size. Due to the low level of material costs, it is possible to achieve a larger sample volume. It can be several tens of thousands of people.
  3. Questionnaire speed over the Internet. In just one or a maximum of three days, global surveys can be conducted.
  4. Prompt response.
  5. Breadth of coverage. Thanks to such surveys, it is possible to study a variety of social groups, without any problems overcoming social boundaries, as well as geographical distances.
  6. The level of trust is quite high. Without contact with the interviewer, it is possible to achieve much more trust. So Internet users on www polls respond more readily. In familiar situations, when there is still such contact, it is not easy to gain trust and understanding that information is anonymous and confidential.

However, these online questionnaires have their drawbacks. Among them are spontaneous sampling and audience coverage. There is no way to trace who read the questionnaire. In addition, a frequent change of email can lead to the loss of the respondent.
You can store the data obtained as a result of the study in any convenient way. The most common choice is a virtual data room.

Results of an online survey in a virtual data room

This is really the best place to store all the information collected during the survey. Reliable storage, or as it is called the data room, is ideal for the secure use of sensitive data. Each Internet user can easily manage folders and files in such an archive. The M&A data room provides many work options.
Such a repository is an archive of corporate documents with a clear structure in electronic form.
Virtual data room software is installed by data room providers. Such specialists are engaged in the creation of a repository and its maintenance.
Virtual data room services are always convenient and as safe as possible. In case of problems in the work, the providers of virtual data rooms will help to understand and solve any problem.